Beko WTG620M1W Washing Machine Review

There are very many models of washing machines in our surroundings promising to do many different things which can make the choice of which machine best suits your needs can be confusing.

The Beko WTG620M1W offers a worth solution for quite a number of reasons. A quick look at the washing machine, we found the design and the array of features to be quite alluring and functional for the average household and we thought we should have a closer look at what else it has to offer.
The machine has the ability to hold up to 6Kgs (up to 4.0Cu.Ft) of laundry. Also it has a drum speeds of up 1200 rpm not to mention that the A+++ energy rated machine that oozes simplicity efficiency.


It's also one of the slimmest depth machines on the market measuring just 415mm (16.34In) deep, making it compact enough to fit in small spaces without sacrificing the capacity.


This Beko washing machine is a front load that is built for homes that are short on space but still need a washer that is functional. It has a unique design that is appealing to say the least with a lean and easy to use control panel.

beko WTG620M1W washing cycles


The most prominent feature on the control panel is the ergonomic dial at the centre. It is surrounded by a variety of buttons to control the different washing programs and customize your washing loads.

The detergent drawer is another impressive addition composed of three compartments: one for prewash, one for the main wash and one for softener. It can be easily removed for cleaning by pressing the indicated point on the siphon in the softener department and pulling the drawer outwards.
On the front of the machine in the bottom right hand corner is the access to the drain pump. The drain pump prevents solid items such as buttons and coins from clogging the pump impeller when the machine is discharging the wash water and right next to it is the emergency draining hose.

Programs and Functions

Considering that this machine is built to fit into tight spaces, it is okay to be worried about the range of features it has to offer. Luckily, the collection of features and functions is as impressive as its design.


It has 15 washing programs that you can choose from depending on your needs.

Best washing cycles

The most note-worthy program in the collection is the Daily quick programme. Most users have to wait for hours to have their laundry ready. With this option, you will be able to get a lightly soiled load of about 30 shirts ready in just about  28 minutes.

During winter the hand wash programme is quite helpful and proves effective for taking care of woollens or other delicates that require gentle handling. For the clothes containing feathers this machine has the down wear programme and thanks to the unique spinning profiles this machine makes sure water gets to all the air gaps.

Because most washing machines are now cold fills including this one issues with hard water hygiene and energy efficiency, make it very important to clean your washing machine regularly for the cleanest, most hygienic and most energy-efficient wash possible.

Beko has seen the need to include a drum clean programme. For maximum benefit simply perform this cycle regularly (once every 1-2 months) on an empty cycle and it saves you the trouble of having to do the scrubbing yourself.

There is also a rinse, a spin, and a drain programme which is ideal for any clothes that have been hand washed. Once your programme is chosen, it will be tailored to your specific want. The spin of the chosen cycle will be reduced from the default but not inflated.

Additionally on your spin choice you've got the choice for a rinse hold. This might be used if you're not aiming to empty the machine straight away when the programme finishes.

Rinse hold keeps the laundry within the final rinse water to forestall them from wrinkling. Once you are able to empty the machine, just press the start/pause button and the programme can resume, the water can drain, the laundry can then be spun and also the programme can be concluded.

If you would like to delay the beginning of the programme, it is possible for up to three, six or nine hours depending on your preference. Once you've got the specified delay time, simply press the begin/pause button and the machine can start at the tip of the chosen fundamental quantity.

If you've got sons and daughters who like twiddling with buttons and dials, don't worry as the machine comes with a toddler lock. Simply hold the spin and time delay buttons along for 3 seconds till the ‘child lock enabled’.

To deactivate, repeat the procedure if a programme is running. If the programme isn't running, you'll flip the programme selector knob to the on/off position, choose another programme and this may additionally deactivate the lock.

Efficiency, conclusion and price

The Beko WTG620M1W  is an easy washing machine to use and install. Its quick wash programme is an excellent way to save time used when doing laundry.

Some reviews indicate that this machine doesn't make a beeping sound when the cycle is complete so you have to remember to check. It is also clear from the reviews that some cycles take quite some to wash.

This machine has a much lower price tag compared to other machines of its unique features (energy efficiency, Delay time display, daily quick programme, slim depth and the drum clean programme).

The fact that it also has a low noise level (62db) is a great place and there is no question that this would be a great addition for your home. This front loading washing machine is not only feature-filled but, it is equally efficient with an A+++ rating with an energy consumption rate of 152Kw per year.

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The machine has also enjoyed plenty of success with users and has a 4.5 star rating from online reviews which goes to show how efficient and effective it is. There is no question that Beko WTG620M1W ticks a lot of the right boxes that busy every household needs and it comes with a great price tag.

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