How to Unlock FRP Lock by FRP Bypass APK

Google has introduced an amazing feature known as Factory Reset Protection, which is capable of protecting your data. In case your mobile gets stolen, your data will remain safe. Unfortunately, many users are facing problems due to this feature.

A large number of users could not remember their Google password due to which they are unable to reset the device. FRP lock (Introduced by Google) activates every time when data reset is performed.  But this problem isn’t any more. FRP Bypass APK is capable of deactivating FRP lock.

Bypass FRP Lock with Google Account Manager APK

Interestingly, it is most powerful and free tool to deactivate FRP lock. Adopt the following method to deactivate FRP. You can Download FRP Bypass APK from the link given below:


FRP Bypass APK with OTG Cable 2018

  1. Download FRP Bypass APK, take a USB drive and copy file to it.
  2. Now start your Android device. A setup wizard will appear, follow its guidelines step by step.FRP Bypass
  3. After its completion a factory reset protection tab will appear.
  4. It will ask your Google account password, you cannot do this step. So, connect OTG cable with USB and Android Device.Method to unlock FRP lock
  5. Once, OTG cable gets connected you will see file explorer on the screen.
  6. Move to the folder in which you copied FRP Bypass APK.FRP Bypass APK free download
  7. Open the folder and click on install. Your android device will still block installation due to its unknown origin.FRP Bypass APK
  8. To install it, go to the settings and enable unknown sources. This will allow you to install
  9. After installation, click on open tab. Go to the settings and then Backup and reset.FRP APK
  10. Reset your Android device. When you complete this procedure restart your device and you will not face the problem anymore.


FRP Bypass APK is the most effective way to unlock FRP lock. Moreover, it is quite safe and easy to use.

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