Indesit BWD71453WUK Innex Washing Machine Review

The Indesit Innex BWD71453WUK Washing Machine delivers the cleaning results you want while saving time, money and effort.

Combining excellent daily cleaning technology, a powerful 1400 rpm maximum spin and an exceptional A+++ rating for energy efficiency, it’s got everything you need for super-clean, great smelling laundry.



This Indesit operates traditionally with a nicely weighted central programme selector, and options buttons around a crisp and largely bright green display.

Information on the display is limited to time remaining and spin speed in digits, as well as symbols for options and stages of the wash. All of the programmes are listed on the front of the soap drawer.

You can use the Digital Display to easily select the best wash cycle to suit your wash load. Ofcourse you can use the Delay Start to suit when you want the cycle to start a little later. The Indesit Innex BWD71453WUK Washing Machine's 7kg (about 4.0Cu.ft.) wash capacity equivalent to 35 shirts at once which makes it perfect for medium-sized households.


Indesit BWD71453WUK review

The large door leads you to believe that a cavernous drum awaits on the other side. Sadly not; the opening itself looks like any standard 5-6kg machine which is quite the tight fit.

Peering inside you can see that the stainless steel drum has a basic hole pattern and is quite shallow front to back. That limits the amount of load that it can hold efficiently


Program and Features

The washing machine comes with 14 programmes. It also has  the Push & Wash option for a quick start - this options will set  a 30 minutes cycle.

The standard suit of programmes cover a 900C White Cotton wash, 400C Coloured wash and the two Standard Cotton programmes (40 and 600C). These promise an ambitious 7kg load capacity at the full 1,400 maximum spin.

The Synthetic programme is offered at 40 and 600C for light and heavily soiled loads, with a maximum capacity of 4.5kg and 800 spin for either light or heavily soiled clothes.

As is typical for an A+ or higher rated machine, run times are lengthy. For the above programmes, it runs for 1hr 45mins for the half load Synthetic wash to a more epic 3hrs 15mins for Standard Cotton at 600C. It’s slow – but we have seen far longer.

However, it could have been better if it came with a short cycle to at least get your shirts ready on time for work.

The Special programme selection received a nod of approval from the Stevenson household. There’s a definite bias towards sporty wear, with the first programme being Sport for gym kit, tracksuits and towels.

This programme also has three options covering mixed gym kits and towels, technical wear including Gore-Tex, and up to two pairs of smelly trainers.

The Innex adapts the wash cycle to get between fibres, lifting out dirt even in complex materials and stubborn material.

Using controls

You can easily operate your cycles through the LED display, and using the Delay Timer function, you can also schedule the cycle to a time that suits you best.

With the Delay Timer, you can delay the programme for up to 24 hours depending on your preference. In most machines the timeline is usually shorter but having a longer period is always welcome.

Thinking of smelly, you get two dedicated Anti-Odour cycles for cottons and synthetics.

Designed to remove pongs while being gentle on your fabrics, the primary targets according to the manual include smoke, sweat and fried food which are the prime offenders.

If you’re the sort of dedicated gym-goer that stops for a kebab to refuel on the way home, this machine has you covered on both the stench of sweat and the drops of sauce that might find their way on your gym wear.

The Dark wash programme attempts to preserve dark colours over time, while the Delicate programme offers a gentle wash action for small loads (up to 1kg) and eliminates the spin altogether.

The Wool programme certainly isn’t sheepish about its Woolmark Company seal of approval, and the Duvet programme is good for up to 3.5kg of bedding or cushions. Wash times run from 60 minutes for the Sport cycle to 2 hours for the hotter of the two Anti-Odour programmes.

The innovative Push & Wash programme only takes one step to reach brilliant cleaning and stain removal in just 45 minutes, so there is no need to pre-treat or scrub. Just press the dedicated button for 2 seconds and the Indesit Innex will automatically start a 30°C cycle that’s perfect for cottons and synthetics.

The Water Balance Plus technology adjusts the amount of water used according to each cycle's need to minimise wastage  hence the impressive A++ rating for energy efficiency.


Efficiency, conclusion and Price

The Indesit BWD 71453 WUK washing machine not only looks great but ensures optimum results with every wash cycle, saving water, time and energy.

The Indesit Innex BWD71453WUK is resource conscious in everything the does.

The impressive Water Balance Plus function will adapt the amount of water used according to each cycle’s need. This ensures there is minimal wastage and it helps save money on your bills.

An excellent A+++ energy rating means energy costs will be kept at a minimum while maintaining optimum performance.

The Indesit Innex 7kg Washing Machine is a great choice for every home that is looking for a great washing machine with a reasonable price tag. However, the narrow door space and the smaller drum might inhibit your comfort of use but it is nonetheless a great purchase.

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