About Us

Who are TechinReview?

TechinReview started from a discussion between a group of friends who have a passion for all things technology. That was back in 2017, since then the TechinReview website has grown to attract thousands of visitors each and every month. We continue to share our thoughts just like we always have providing useful guides, advice and the latest products in technology.

The Team at TechinReview

Abdul is the main author here at TechinReview. But our team features many other knowledgeable people, helping with the research and testing of the latest products to provide the best advice.

What do we Share on TechinReview?

We share content to provide you with reviews of the latest, greatest and often most unusual technology products. Not only this, as we also share useful guides on how to get the best out of these products, as well as industry news and step by step guides on software installations. Nevertheless, it’s fair to save we’ve got you covered.

Our Mission

At TechinReview our mission is to provide you with informative resource for all your technology gear and advice to help save you money.

If you're still yet to find what you're looking for, please let us know and we will personally cover it for you. At TechinReview we test every product that we can get our hands on to ensure you are getting reliable advice each and every time.