Beko WMB71442W washing machine review

Recently Beko has launched a new washing machine model which offers a very good price quality ratio. The model is called Beko WMB71442W and is a regular washer with a very good load capacity and a spin speed of 1400 RPM.


Beko WMB71442W front image


Beko WMB71442W’s sizes are standard ones having 59.5 cm in width and 54 cm in depth . The placement of the commands on the panel is the same as we have seen on many Beko washing machines in recent years: the program selector is placed on the right and in the center we can see the digital display with the specific features of the 71xxx series models.

The lid of the washer opens at a generous angle, but on closing we noticed that you need to apply more pressure compared to other models.

Programs and features

We are accustomed to having a variety of wash programs in order to meet every need and in this aspect the WMB71442W model doesn’t disappoint .


We’ve got the usual programs for cotton fabrics, synthetics or manual wash as well as the animal hair removal program which is very sought after by pet owners.

Beko WMB71442W also comes with a special program for black clothes, and another extremely economic program which  washes clothes at 20o  Celsius – we are talking about clothes which aren’t that dirty but need refreshing.

This model also comes with a self-cleaning/auto cleaning program which sanitizes the drum (a very useful program for families which have small children, who can develop eczema due to detergents and other substances which can leave residue on the washer’s drum).


As for special features of this washing machine it is worth mentioning the balance monitoring and water consumption program . We can thus avoid issues which can occur when the laundry gathers up on one side of the drum causing problems during the washing and spin cycle. The spinning and wash temperature are adjustable for most programs, so we can customize our own wash cycles depending on the laundry load and how dirty our clothes are.

Beko WMB71442 model

On spinning, the Beko WMB71442W washing machine is slightly noisier than other rival models and falls in the Class B energy consumption. However, it compensates with good efficiency in washing and A+ class.

From the customers’ point of view the washing is quite good as long as we don’t overload the washer.

The Crease Guard feature is effective only if we wash a small number of items and if we properly adjust centrifugation . Using anti lime deposit products is required because the endurance of the washer should be protected even from the first use . For improved results when washing, Beko recommends using liquid detergents especially if we use the 20-30o temperature wash programs.


Beko isn’t a premium brand, yet their products have proven effective on the local market. They are competing against Indesit or Whirlpool.

For the WMB71442W model, the reviews of the users for the washer’s efficiency are quite good, not so great on cotton wash though, but very ok on synthetic items or clothes that aren’t very dirty using the Quick wash programs.

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