Brand review - Beko Washing Machines

Why Beko washing machines?

Turkish manufacturer confirmed for Europe that their products are quality and reliable, the people from Beko offering and up to 5 years guarantee on washing machines and not only for that range of products.

Beko has produced the first washing machines since the early 90’s and is part of Arcelik group.


Since then, these products have evolved to current models over the years, receiving innovations designed to streamline the process of washing and resource consumption.

Best Beko washing machines come with special wash programs and latest technology components.

Let’s see what the manufacturer from Turkey has on its models vs other market competitors like Whirlpool or Samsung.


Beko washer

Some models of Beko washing machines from the last generation were equipped with a brushless motor, a new technology presented in this video.

This type of engine has many advantages: high reliability, low noise when washing and lower energy consumption.


That is exactly what we want in a washing machine.

Newer models have a very low consumption level of water and power, very efficient washing programs and multiple customization options.

beko washing machine image

As particular washing programs Beko models include some special washing cycles

  • Anti-allergy washing is present on the latest models. Rinsing was prioritized to get clothes clean and without any trace of detergent. Increasingly more persons show allergies or skin problems caused by laundry detergents (children too) and such a program is more than necessary.
  • Dark clothes washing program - a specialized program on black fabric which prevents fading.
  • A special washing  program to remove pet hair - I think it is one of the programs that have done very well and made Beko washing machines known, being a very effective one for pet owners whose clothes are always harder to clean because of the hair that remain attached to the textile fibers.
  • Like other manufacturers (Samsung, for example) Beko has introduced on its washing machines a economic program which washes clothing at just 20 degrees. So, clothes which are not very dirty will be cleaned very quickly with a low consumption of water and electricity.
  • Just as Whirlpool has its 6th sense, Beko has electronic control of water consumption considering loaded laundry. For an effective spin, balance control was introduced on washing machines, and as a solution against hard water we have a special rheostat on which deposits are hard to lay on and it’s way more difficult corroded.

Beko Washing Machines - Conclusion

Maybe Beko does not make the best washing machines. Nor wants that. But they manufacture good and cheap washing machines.

We have the same technologies that improve washing and power efficiency on consumption, but at a lower price.

Of course, one can improve the noise level or efficiency of specific programs, but minuses for Beko washing machines are few if you do a complete analysis.

I recommend these products to users without great pretensions, who want a classic washing machine with good results in cleaning and a better price for our income.

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