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Although we got used the Samsung name to be synonymous with smartphones or tablets or TV sets, for years, their washing machines have earned a reputation for being reliable and efficient.

Why choose a Samsung washing machine

The first washing machine produced by Samsung was launched in 1974 and since then the range has evolved from year to year, to high performance models we find on the market today.

Let’s check the Samsung washing machine’s advantages, and what defines them as very good washing machines. Of course, many of the technologies listed below are present only on the top models.

samsung washing machines

The heater is covered in a ceramic layer – we know too well the disastrous water quality in many countries, a very hard water that harms washing machines. Although there are solutions for protecting washing machine components, it is necessary to protect the water heating rheostat for additional protection.

So Samsung  washing machines have the heater coated with ceramic, that should double the item life and avoid repairs for a longer period.

Eco-Bubble Washing  – we’ve all heard of this washing system.

Basically washing machines equipped with this system, have a device that takes the detergent with air and water and convert it into bubbles.

This way, detergent ensures a depth wash on the one hand and, on the other hand, we get a huge saving in power consumption because we can only wash with cold water or slightly warm one, and get results as good as washing at 40 -60 degrees.

Basically, we have a classic wash system combined with a bubble system (remember the Daewoo that has a similar system). So we can use without worrying short programs of just 15 minutes, and yet we will have clothes washed thoroughly.


eco Bubble washing system on Samsung


An electronic balance control and  protection against voltage variations became standard on the latest models from Samsung. Lately washing machine errors can be diagnosed using a smartphone (we mean simple errors) and a special application, no need to call the service for any problem.

Of course, there are a lot of other tech features present on Samsung washing machines: a laundry weight control system which determines the right amount of detergent and water to use, spinning  stability control, automatic tank cleaning system (otherwise very useful) and a very efficient energy class.

Samsung has developed for its washing machines some very useful wash programs for any type of clothing:

– Special programs for black , white or colored fabric

– Wash programs for the most common stains (Samsung has done a study on this issue and made a top of the most common stains found)

– Special program for jeans

– Quick wash in 15 minutes which has good results (this being helped by ecoBubble  technology).

Problems arising in the use of washing machines Samsung:

As with any other brand of washing machines some problems appear during use. Sometimes errors that stop the washing process might appear, errors often caused by the wrong distribution of loads. In this case you just need to rearrange the laundry in the drum and then resume the washing process.

The cheaper models have problems such as  water pump malfunction. What is important is that parts for Samsung washing machines are cheap and warranty service network also provides post warranty and spare parts for most models available.




We can say that Sasmung did a good job on this range of products. Energy efficiency and low noise in wash and centrifugation, ecoBubble technology and other innovations have propelled Samsung washing machines on top of international charts and it’s no wonder they were considered better than famous brands in this field.

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