Choosing the best washing machine – front or top (vertical) loading?


What type of washing machines delivers better results ? Front Load or Top Load?

This argument is as old as time, and there is no final answer due to the evolution of the washing machines. New and improved models are launched every year, and their efficacy grows by the day.

Front loading washing machines are the most popular on a world scale. Top loading ones, though not as widespread are more befitting those who lack the room to fit the normal-sized appliance.

front load vs top load washer


Size versus room space

Washers with a front opening take up quite some space, having a width of approximately 60 centimeters.

Depths vary in between 60 and 65 cm for large storage configuration and down to 45 cm for slim designs.

Top stacking devices have a standard width of 40 cm, and therefore they fit into cramped spaces, this being the actual reason for their appearance on the market.

Winner – Top (vertical loading) washing machine

top loading washing machine


Laundry storing capacity

The winner is obvious. Compared to the top washers which can save from 5 up to 6.5 kilograms, front-loading washing machines can easily retain from 7 to 12 kilograms, feat which makes it an ideal choice for large families.

Winner – Front loading washing machine (price to cubic feet/kg ratio)


Ease of use (packing – unpacking laundry, etc.)

Front washing machines are somewhat uncomfortable to use, as we need to bend to place the clothes into the tank and repeat the process when we take the laundered clothes out.

It is easier to place the clothes into the top-loading washer due to the position of the tank. Despite the easy loading procedure, problems arise when unloading the weight.

For once we need to rotate the tub until the opening position for most these appliances not to mention the additional effort of removing the wet clothes, also reasoned by the way the tank is placed.

Its new feat is the possibility to pause the running programme to add more laundry, while the face oriented hatch remains blocked throughout its activity.

We cannot intervene until it has finished its scheduled job is done unless turning the machine off.

Winner – Vertical loading washing machine

Efficiency (water and electricity consumption)

This is a hard topic to discuss, as most washing machines use very little water, detergent, and even electricity.

Let us say that there are plenty of front loading washing machines which are incredibly efficient (class A+++) at a decent price.

For the top hatch ones, a better efficiency class means a higher acquisition price.

Winner is : Front-loading washer(price – efficiency relation)



Noise levels

By their manufacture, top-loading machines are noisier. It is not universal, but after contrasting similar designs from different builders, a lower noise (by some decibels) produced by face oriented hatch models becomes apparent, both while washing and while whirling.

Winner – Front-load washing machine

Fabric protection and cleaning

Tests have shown that frontal loading washing machines wear textiles off less due to their washing mode.

Top-loading washers can also be harsher on clothes, especially if the machine is overloaded. Front washing machines are much gentler with clothes.

Top-loaders also have a hard time washing larger pieces, such as pillows or beddings, as they won’t thoroughly soak in the water.

Winner – Front load washer

Reliability and occurring issues

Debates on this subject are highly contradictory. Many argue that the washing machines with an upward-facing opening system are better designed and the two-point support scheme helps the better preservation of the appliance in the long run.

On the other hand, the detergent distribution system faces more problems in the later machines since the openings are small and can get clogged. Also, common issues arise at the opening lid, especially at the sealing gaskets.

Front-load washing machines have problems with the support bearing of the tub as the result of the high whirling forces it sustains.

Other complications – such as a defective electrical plate, burnt resistance, broken draining pump, etc. – are as likely to occur to one as to the other type of gadget which makes buying a high-quality washing machine all the more critical.

Winner – Equality


Price versus features

For the same functions, a vertical loading washing machine will cost a little more than a normal one, especially if we need a minimum of 6 kg capacity and the best way to get our clothes cleaned.

Frontloading appliances are cheaper considering their laundry capacity and the number of washing programmes.

Winner – Front-loading washing machine



The winner is the front-loading washer machine mainly due to its larger loading capacity while getting a lower price for efficient and capable models.

Front-loading washing machines are generally better and more reliable. Also, they are more energy and water efficient and give a better clean compared the top-loading washers.

For buyers who are looking for a faster and easier wash, top-loading washing machines are probably a better way to go.

But, while they initially save money, top-loading washing machines will cost more money in bills than a front-loading washing machine will. For customers in a small space with more money to invest initially, front-loading washers are much better and will provide a better clean.

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