Top benefits and reasons for owning a dehumidifier

In short – why an air dehumidifier?

Remove dampness from the kitchen or bathroom very easily. Even if you clean up the dampness and mould using special solutions, it usually reappears.

The reasons are many- mistakes of housing design, poor quality materials, lack of ventilation and many others.

Mould and dampness are not only unpleasant but they also alter your health and family.

Many children suffer from air humidity and from here to breathing problems or even worse there is only a step away.

That’s when an effective dehumidifier comes in. It eliminates and prevents the formation of dampness by ensuring normal or even lower moisture than normal.

When you buy a new house or a newly built apartment it is almost compulsory to buy a dehumidifier.

Newly built apartments are effectively soaked with moisture and it takes a very long time for the walls to dry. Until natural drying, you risk destroying your furniture and get the mould to form on your new things.

A dehumidifier, suitable for the surface of the apartment, will help you remove excess moisture and protect the furniture and surfaces of your new home.

Various owners have avoided moisture problems that are ubiquitous in new homes using a simple electrical dehumidifier.

In addition to eliminating dampness, the air dehumidifier can also eliminate the steam from the bathroom and the moisture that is always there.

Even if you have no mould or dampness, the excessive moisture in the bathroom is unpleasant. If the bath ventilation is not nearly effective and you are tired of everything being all steamed and moist when you bathe, then a dehumidifier gets rid of these problems.

Less often, a dehumidifier can be used even to dry clothes faster. Often, in the cold season, it is difficult to dry the laundry whether we put them on the radiator or on the balcony.

The electric dehumidifier helps you absorb excess moisture from the room and clothes, and thus the clothes will dry faster without the moisture affecting your dwelling.

To sum it all up, the dehumidifier:

Dries your clothes faster

Prevents damp and mildew

Some models purify the air in the room

Prevents steam from forming in the bathroom or kitchen


top benefits of dehumidifier

Types of domestic electric air dehumidifiers

These, according to the working principle, can be – direct absorption or condensation. There are other technologies to dry the air but the above are very widespread.

In order not to go into complex technical details you need to know only that the most common ones are those with condensation that collects moist air and dries it, collecting water in a container that is part of the dehumidifier structure.

The moist air is absorbed into the dehumidifier, the water is extracted by condensation, and dry air is returned to the room.

The dehumidifier has sensors that turn on the device when the maximum set value is exceeded and stop the appliance when the air humidity drops below the set level.

What electric air dehumidifier should you buy? How do you choose a good one?

Housing Area

Calculate the surface within which the air dehumidifier must act.

These appliances are designed to operate efficiently within certain areas, and their overstrain will decrease the air humidity adjustment power.

When you buy a moisture-regulating device, you’ll find in its specs the maximum area  for which it is effective.

You’ll also see the volume of water that can be collected daily.

Once the Water collection container is full, the dehumidifier will stop and alert you by sound.

Choose a dehumidifier from a reputable brand

Even if you are on the more pricy side, you can be sure that a quality electric dehumidifier will do what the manufacturer says it does.

Don’t risk buying appliances that aren’t certified.

Additional dehumidifier functions

Set the additional functions you would like the dehumidifier to have, such as air purification or if you want to have a display or remote control.

Some dehumidifiers come with an aroma diffuser.

Noise level

Be careful when choosing an electric air dehumidifier and check the noise level.

Most are noisy because of the airflow that is circulated and quieter models, of course, have a higher price.

The quieter dehumidifiers have a noise level of just 39db, i.e. less like a refrigerator.

The usual models come with a higher noise level from 43 to 60 DB.

Type of filtering

The type of filter used and if it has an air filter cleaning indicator.

As with air purifiers, air dehumidifiers have different quality filters depending on the model.

Best-performing ones come with Ionizer, HEPA, or UV-lamp filters.

Of course, there are also simple dehumidifiers that filter the air only with a simple felt. They do not have a role in purifying the air but only get rid of moisture for a lower price.

Energy efficiency

As with any electrical device, you are also interested in energy efficiency.

Being one of the devices that stay connected most of the time, it is important not to consume a lot of electricity.

Other features

Speed adjustment

Adjusting air flow will help when the device noise is too high. At night or even during the day, we can set a lower speed that ensures greater comfort.

Remote control

Maybe it’s just a fad, but a remote control makes it easier to use the air dehumidifier just like in the case of air conditioning.

Drying function

Some moisture-regulating appliances come directly with a specially designed way to dry your clothes.

You won’t wait that long for your favourite clothes to dry out in the cold season.

2 in 1 purification and dehumidification

Some dehumidifiers also come with a complex filtration system, as mentioned above, which allow the machine to function as an air purifier as well.

A dehumidifier and air purifier all in one device.

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