LG F1296TDA washing machine - review

If you need a large capacity washing machine well, then, LG F1296TDA is a suitable model for your needs. It happens to be a washing machine having complex functions with a large tank that supports a load of laundry up to 8 kilograms (8 kg – some 17.63 pounds).
We can easily wash blankets and quilts with this one, thick jackets and many other items that require a large tank.

LG F1296TDA Review


Late edition LG washing machines have a cutting-edge modern design and F1296TDA is no exception. It is a voluminous washing machine, this due to the large tank capacity. The door is chromed, bringing a touch of elegance to this premium model.


The program selector is also easily chromed keeping the elegant note of this item. The additional features are accessed on the right side where we have access to the buttons for tank speed, temperature, for extra rinse or cleaning the tank .On display it’s shown the time remaining until the end of the cycle and also the washing stage of the clothes are (weighing, washing, rinse or spin).

lg washing machine F1296TDA3

Washing programs and functions

LG’s F1296TDA washing machine is pretty complete as of cleaning variety programs, dedicated to any type of fabric. We have the classic cotton fabric washing program, another one dedicated for sports clothes, a special program for children clothing and of course the  30 minutes program.


The full list of programs:

- 30 minutes Quick Program there is also the Duvet program (blankets, quilts)

- Cotton Program, Cotton Eco Program, Children program, skin protection program (Skin Care) Intensive 60 degrees, Synthetic, Delicate, Sport, Wool, Mix, Delicates.


As additional functions LG F1296TDA doesn’t disappoint. In addition to adjusting washing temperature control and number of rotations per spinning cycle, we can activate the function to prevent wrinkles or the one for extra rinse called: Medic Rinse.

This model uses a technology called  Direct Drive 6 Motion the one that brings two advantages:

1* This washing machine is very quiet during washing with a noise level of only 54 decibels (we talk about a washing machine with a 8 kilograms or 17.63 pounds capacity).

2* It is also very stable when in centrifugation and the 6 Motion technology gives better results than traditional programs dedicated colored cotton or articles.

It is a very economical model both for electricity (175 kWh per year) as well as the consumption of water (11,000 liters per year) this model managed to fit in energy efficiency class A + + +.

Lg F1296TDA

Conclusion and price

If we consider the price we can say that for most of us it seems a bit steep. We find it in stores from 300 up to 450 pounds( 500 Usd).

If you think of washing capacity and the technologies used for efficient washing of clothing, also the fact that is quiet and consumes very little - then we realize that  LG F1296TDA3 is a washing machine worth the money.

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