Indesit XWDE 961480X washer dryer – review


We’ve never talked before about washing machines with built in dryer, so we decided to present such a model.

These models are becoming very popular, because they offer a double benefit, (clothes washing and efficient drying) and the space occupied is much smaller- than if we would use two independent devices.

Indesit XWDE 961480X Review

The model presented today is Indesit XWDE 961480X, a washing machine with dryer, at a reasonable price having a decent laundry load capacity: 9 kg when washing, 6 kg when drying. Spin speed is at 1400 rpm, which helps to dry thin fabrics.


Indesit XWDE 961480X has a modern design, because it’s a new generation model. It’s quite large in dimensions, so pay attention to where you want to mount the washing machine, as space requirements, it has about :  59.5 cm wide, 85 cm high and it is 60.5 cm deep.

Indesit XWDE 961480X washer dryer


The front design reminds us that this one is a Indesit Innex product. The white color of the washing machine is in contrast with the metallic gray of the drum door. Numbered program selector is centrally located, and is necessary to visualize a program table corresponding to each number, this table is printed on the detergent tray.

Up to the right we have the display and the buttons for accessing additional functions.

Indesit XWDE 961480X front


A Indesit common feature , present on this model, is the Push Wash and Dry button, placed next to the program selector, used to start a custom washing and drying program in seconds.

Programs and functions

Indesit XWDE 961480X has a complete number of programs both on washing or drying laundry. The shortest wash program is the one at 20 degrees, and the shortest washing and drying program is the one taking only 45 minutes.

Full range of wash programs, 12 to count them all, is as follows: black clothes, sports, anti-odor cotton, anti-odor synthetics, delicates, wool, the quick 30 minutes program, pre-wash cotton, standard 60 degrees cotton, synthetics, coloured textiles, synthetics at 20 degrees and cotton at 20 degrees. There’s also available the extra rinse and spin.

The drying process starts automatically if the special button is pressed, before starting the wash, and one of these options is selected: time (from 30 to 210 minutes) and drying level (completely dry, medium and slightly wet for clothes requiring to be ironed). The drying program alone can be used without going through the wash cycle, by pressing the special button.

From the keys located around the display, there can be selected the spin speed, washing temperature, delayed washing scheduling, and selecting the type of dirt spots on clothing (spots of mud, food, etc).

As we see, this washing machine ensures pretty much a full range of programs, necessary for any type of fabric.

It is also silent (54 db) during washing, and economical. Power consumption is rated as a class A and is around 6.12 Kv per standard cycle. For a washing machine having also dryer capacity it is considered low consumption.

Indesit XWDE 961480X washer and dryer review

Efficiency, conclusion and price

Indesit XWDE 961480X is a middle range model with good performance, when talking about both washing and drying. From the reviews of those who bought this product, it results that this dryer washing machine is very good and efficient, especially when drying clothes, an aspect we are particularly interested in. The best results are obtained washing the clothes with less difficult stains.

Some points could be better as mentioned by users. During drying clothes smells like easily burned in the bathroom or in the room where we placed the machine. Another minus is that it is not very effective for clothes that need ironing (shirts, etc.), so that after completion of the drying process, they remain quite wrinkled.

If we talk price, then this is decent for a washing machine which has a 9 kg capacity and also incorporated dryer.

Indesit is a medium range brand, when talking quality, and the price of this model is according to that, still, sensitively lower than one from Bosch, or other high end manufacturers.

Finally, we can say that Indesit XWDE 961480X is worth buying, if we need a large capacity washing machine, and we also have no place available to dry clothes.


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  1. Don’t buy this appliance. It comes with a fault where the suspension legs fit through the base of the machine and this is causing it to break. Bad quality materials are used for this appliance!!! Shame on INDESIT !


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