Hotpoint WMBF742P Washing Machine Review

Washing machines have over the years worked themselves into becoming one of the most prized possessions that a home can have. It is that one appliance that you can afford to get wrong and we thought we should give you a helping hand to make sure you don’t make any mistakes. We are going to start off simple and work our way up.

Hotpoint WMBF742P Washing Machine Review

The model we have for today is the Hotpoint WMBF742P with a laundry capacity of 9kgs that will get that pile of laundry of your hands in no time. This machine has a powerful spin speed of 1400 rpm which provides an efficient yet robust answer to your daily washing needs and translates to better dried clothes at the end of the wash.



Being an advanced model, the Hotpoint WMBF742P features some high end designing which comes at the cost of its space requirements which are somewhat demanding. It measures about 85 cm high, 59.5 cm wide, and it is 54 cm deep.

Hotpoint WMBF742P Washing Machine 7kg review

It is available in 3 different colors white, graphite, and grey with a numbered wash cycle selector knob located at the center so you can easily match to the table printed on the detergent tray corresponding to each number to select the desired wash cycle. Up to the right, is the display interface and some buttons for accessing additional functions.


There is a display timer screen on the right side of the wash selector button that is used when programming the machine and provides a great deal of information. Below it, there are three buttons. The spin button which controls the spin cycle, the temperature button that you press to mitigate the temperature and the delay timer button. This one lets you set a delayed start for the selected wash cycle.

If you have kids at home and you’re worried about them tumbling into the machine, the child lock will take care of that.  This is designed to make sure that the child does not pop in and change the settings you have put in for your current cycle.

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Programs and Functions

The Hotpoint WMBF742P has numerous washing cycles to suits your different needs. The shirts program is for cleaning shirts with care and ensures that creasing is decreased to make ironing simpler.

The Mattress cycle has been designed to clean most beddings and towels successfully in just about two hours, with excellent cleansing efficiency, and the A++ energy effectivity ranking guarantees that. There is also the lingerie and silk program.

Basically, each program is meant to take care of different fabric and ensure that you not only have clean clothes, but the material of each laundry is well taken care of.

This machine has various improvements mixed with energy efficiency to deliver fantastic performance that saves you time and money on your bills.

The Hotpoint WMBF742P also features a new anti-stain technology that removes stubborn stains from your clothes. At the touch of a button, it manages water, agitation, and temperature to ensure the stringiest stains are lifted while protecting the fabric.

The first 400 C stage removes enzymatic stains, and the other phase keeps the water at a constant temperature of 430 C which helps to get rid of any other stains that your clothes might have.

The Smart-clean technology will weigh the wash loads and adjust the energy, water and time consumptions to approve efficiency of the cycle. With the convenient 24-hour delay timers you can pick the time for your wash so you can get your washing done at a time that suits you.

Additionally, there is an anti-allergy cycle that rids your clothes of potential household allergies by bringing together a high-temperature wash of 600 C and an extra rinsing stage that removes dust, animal hair, and pollen from clothes.

All washing cycles maintain a quiet noise output of 58dB which is quieter than your average conservation. You not only get premium performance, but you also get to keep your peaceful household.

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Efficiency, Conclusion, and Price

The Hotpoint WMBF742P delivers efficiently and good washing power with heavy loads. There’s no question that this machine is a perfect fit for the average household because it can wash a significant load of clothes at once saving you time while removing the toughest stains from your clothes and all that at a bargain for your cost of energy.

Users have mentioned some downsides of this machine which we decided not to brush under the carpet. First, while some people might consider the noise level acceptable it might be a nuisance for others. Washes are quite long, and if you choose shorter wash option, then you lose the benefits of fast spin. When you select lower temperatures, the same issue with lower spin happens not to mention that the results might not be as impressive.

This model has a low-price tag compared to other washing machines with similar size and features. The quality is quite commendable and the fact that it is energy efficient is a great plus.

The Hotpoint WMBF742P is an excellent option if you are looking for an affordable washing machine, filled with features and kind on your pocket.

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