Best free fake call apps for Android smartphones

A false voice call can sometimes save us from boring or unpleasant situations. If you have an Android smartphone, you can install a free app that simulates receiving a phone call or SMS message at a specific time. You may need this when you need a pretext to leave and avoid embarrassing or annoying situations, such as meetings or chatting with intrusive people.

A fake call can also be used to make a joke to your friends, thus showing them that you are calling a famous person or a beautiful woman.


For all of that, you can use one of the Android applications below that simulates receiving a fake voice call. Here are the best apps to schedule receiving a fake voice call for Android phones.

Fake Call

It is one of the best applications for receiving fake calls. The app is straightforward and fast, without too many customizations.

The first thing you need to do is install the app from the Google Play Store.


Open the app and choose a photo, a name and phone number you want to appear on the display when you receive the fake phone call.

You can choose the picture from your photos saved on the phone or, if you want, the application provides you with some. Then tap Add voice so that you can add a voice to the fake call.

The app comes with some audio files you can choose from, but you can also record your voice, so the phone call is more credible. So tap on the green icon with a microphone and record a message, save it by pressing SAVE, and then tap the ticked icon on the top right.


When you are done with these settings, press SAVE & MAKE CALL. In the next window that opens, set how long you want to receive the phone call. Now you can set the time until you receive the fake call and that's it.

As you have seen, it is an application easy to understand and use.

To receive a fake text message, you must choose the FAKE SMS option. Then follow the same steps you used on the false call settings - write the name of the sender, phone number andselect a photo for incoming SMS. Next, write the message you want to receive, and set the date and time you wish to receive the fake message.

Fake Call Prank

App for fake calls and sms

Another free Android application for fake voice calling is Fake Call Prank.

The graphical interface is straightforward with all the main functions in sight, so the use is effortless.

After installation, open the application and in the main window, write the name and phone number you want to appear on the display when your phone rings, add a picture and then add a voice.

The voice you want to hear during fake calls can be selected from the audio files saved on the smartphone, or you can record a voice instantly by pressing the microphone icon.

You still have to choose the time of the call and press "SAVE." In the window that opens, decide how long you want to receive the fake and you're finished.

To simulate receiving a fake SMS, you have to choose the "FALSE SMS" option. Then, select the name of the sender, a personalized photo, message you want to receive, the date and time you wish to receive the message.

All you have to do is click on "Save and create message." In the interface of the application is advertising, but it is not invasive or disturbing.

To install the app on your smartphone, click here.

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