Best Travel Pillows for 2020 [Reviewed]

When you are a globetrotter and trains or flights are your second home, you’d definitely want to establish your own bed room while sitting on the seat.

One of the vital requisites would be a comfortable, soft travel pillow for your neck that will let you take a siesta for a snugly amount of time.


Key features include the composition, design, flexibility, and also lets not forget the cost aggregating to the quality.

Best Travel Pillows

Best Travel Pillows: Our Top Picks

Today, we walk you through the best pillows around the globe which are exemplary for travelling and function well enough for your serene journey.


1.L’Alysse Neck Pillow

L’Alysse Neck Travel Pillow

The L’Alysse travel companion is a hundred percent memory foam which is far more extraordinary than the then non-inflatable ones. The benefits of memory foam is its assuring comfort and is also suitable for your muscles during sleep.

It contains a clip that is adjustable and braces around your neck for enough tranquility and lets you sleep like a baby.


The invisible zipper opens to release the bare pillow if you need to wash it. Another critical point to be noted is that this horse-shoe shaped head-rest keeps your neck upright while still being soft and stable. Sleep in any way on this pillow and it won’t even get crumpled.

The pillow comes with a package that contains the bag, of course, along with a sleep mask and a pair of earplugs. So if you are travelling for long hours you have a whole kit ready for you.

What makes it loyal is its memory foam material that relaxes you during your nap no matter what position you are in.

BENEFITS: Tough support, contending leisure and cozy for your travel.

DOWNFALL: The mask provided is a basic one, and the earplugs don’t fit properly. The material of the pillow is not as soft as others.

At the bottom line, this travel cushion does exactly what it is designed for. Although not really a deal-breaker, but it has all those characteristics needed for a wander-about pillow.

2.The Original Znzi

The original was the ultimate release in the market. It came up with the motto of “One style doesn’t fit all”, which pretty much defined what this guy actually does.

The Original Znzi travel pillow consists of two suction cups and six magnets, with which you can orient it in any possible shape or size you want to.

Flimsy yet durable product, the baby blanket mushy, perfectly stitch to cradle you to dozing. You can design it to any desired shape for any posture regardless of whether you are in the car, plane or a bus. It comes inside a cute bag which has hooks that can be clipped to any purse or can be slipped into any bag.

The best thing about this cushion is its velvety smooth and feather light features. You can snug as a bug in a rug with this lay-on anytime and anywhere. A matchless commodity that gives a tough competition to its other pillow-mates. It is especially suitable as a cozy resting for a window seater.

PROS: Soft, fleecy texture, which is flexible and can be moulded into limitless shapes, for your best comfort.

CONS: Sometimes the suction cups fall off which is very uncomfortable.

3.Bcozzy Travel Pillow

Bcozzy Chin Travel Pillow

A travel cushion which is exclusively spun to support your head, neck and chin in any stance. With ring-shaped and available in both adult and child sizes, its a perfect choice. With a squishy consistency, it prevents the chin from dropping by its double wrap formula.

Popularly known as the chin-supporting pillow, it impresses many customers on the go.

The material is 100% polyester with a blue part which is very,very smooth and a grey part that is a soft flannel. Fully machine washable, you can use it at any angle as it keeps your head steady with utmost relief.

Anti-Pilling, abrasion and mildew-resistant, anti-distortion, high durability, elasticity and tenacity, easily washed are the additional traits that makes this chin-rest worth it.

THE GOOD: Very smooth and soft that puts you to drowsing as soon as possible.

THE BAD: It comes with loose stitching and is polyester made that is unreliable compared to memory foam.

Nevertheless, the Bcozzy Travel Pillow is known for its cradling and stability properties, that is useful for primarily medical supports. Indeed worth every penny, if you are not really concerned about the stuff it is made of. However, these days, the memory foam has become more popular for medical support and is often preferable by customers. If you are not someone who suffering from body aches or anything, this is best for you.

4. J-Pillow Travel Pillow

J-Pillow Travel Pillow
J-Pillow Travel Pillow

J-pillow is constructed as a three-pronged travel gadget for maximum head, chin and neck support. Now, this three-in-one package is one of a kind and is not available in those traditional U-shaped pillows.

As its name suggests, it’s J-shaped so as to give minimum stress to your backbone and also prevents your chin from falling down. The earlier versions of this artefact was a little bulky and not wash material.

But now the manufacturers have improved this baby only to come up with an ideal travel pillow. It makes you feel as though you were sleeping on the bed, when you are sleeping upright.

The pillow is projected into three ways and hence delivering an excellent job. It is appropriate for people suffering from some illness or someone who just underwent an operation recently. This cushion is also very doughy and soft due to the plushy material and high quality “3D” polyester material.

The J-pillow is the quintessential, “must have” for your journeys with flawless features. It has succeeded to be one of the best rated pillows in 2017 with respect to portability, design, construct and texture. Although a little bit costly, it gets all comfy and snugly to sleep on.

PROFITS: Plush,high quality polyester stufffing with a one-of-a-kind design ideal for relaxation.

DRAWBACKS: The previous version was a little bulky and non-washable, but the revised products have overcome these pitfalls and do not have any flaws.

5. TravelRest Pillow

TravelRest is exclusively shaped as a banana, and is meant to be worn like a guitar.

The thickest part bolsters up your head and neck properly.

It easily inflates or deflates as desired and is very compact for outgoings. It offers the perfect size and weight, and is feather light and minimizes packing space.

The patented ergonomic design provides proper support to prevent tension and neck strain.

It gives a total lateral support and makes it easier for you to catnap easily. This device allows complete control over the firmness of the travel pillow, and makes adjusting on the fly a breeze.

The other great part about an inflatable travel pillow is its storage – it can be deflated in seconds, and is designed to easily roll up for quick stowing.the primary method of using the travel pillow entails nestling the pillow’s head in the crook of your neck, so that it rests on a shoulder while you easily lean your face into it. The TravelRest is impressively adaptable.

THE GOOD: Inflates and deflates in seconds, and relieves tension and stress as easily as possible.

CONS: Can be complicated for first time users, not as soft as the others.


For final thoughts, every pillow has its own idiosyncratic functionalities that makes it especial from others.

It’s the size, shape and material that differs from person to person. Also some of these pillows are designed for physically ill people while some are constructed for anybody. Customers have rated them to be on the top of the list this year and they do not fail to impress them ever since.

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