Whirlpool WWDC9440 washing machine

We continue to present large capacity washing machines models. We previously talked about a model from LG, and now we are talking about a 9 kg washing machine from Whirlpool – the WWDC9440 model.



We have a large capacity washing machine, having according dimensions, width is 60 cm, that is standard, and it also has a depth of 55 cm, so you should check if you have that space available. The tank is roomy and supports up to 9 kilograms of laundry, allowing blankets washing, large jackets or even carpets.

The front is similar in design to what we see in LG or Samsung models. The additional functions display panel, located on the right side is oversized, practically the display which shows the washing time is only a few centimetres wide.

Programs and functions


Whirlpool WWDC9440  is ready to clean any type of fabric. It comes with classic wash programs, special ones and a mix of those options. We have two programs for cotton, a wash program for dark clothes, a program for white clothes, wash program for colourful clothes, delicate wash and more. We also mention the short washing program of just 15 minutes that is used for some clothes, which require only a quick and easy wash.
 Full list of programs:

- Mix, cotton, synthetics, delicates, wool / hand wash, whites, coloured, dark clothes, cotton eCO, eCO Aqua program, Big items (large items) program,  15 minutes fast program, rinse and spin, spin.

This model allows us to adjust how many rpm the spin has, and the washing temperature for each program. Left by the program selector, we have two buttons that allow access to two interesting options: the Colours 15 button and the Intense rinsing button.


Colours 15 (selectable only for certain programs) allows coloured clothes washing at very low temperatures (15-20 degrees) with brilliant results and without affecting the fabric.

WWDC9440 washing amchine from Whirlpool

We speak of a new generation washing machine, so Whirlpool WWDC9440 comes with functions designed to provide the economy of the resources on one hand and on the other hand, complete control of the washing cycle.

The 6th sense controls the amount of water used, foaming and several other parameters, depending on the amount of laundry to be washed. By pressing a special button, this model will show how much liquid detergent is necessary, after weighing the load of the tank, and after we selected a particular wash program.

Another interesting option, accessible on the control panel (pressing the heart symbol), is saving favourite wash programs. Meaning if you often use certain settings, like rpm, temperature, and a program, we can save this modified wash cycle to favourites, to be easily accessed next time.

We also mention: the quick wash button - shortening the cycle,  the prewash function and the wash intensity selector ( adjusts the washing cycle depending on how dirty our laundry is ) .

With A +++ classification and a centrifugation noise level which does not exceed 77 decibels , it is a both economical and silent washer .


As we see above, Whirlpool WWDC9440 is a washing machine with complex functions that lead to good washing results. It is a model with many advantages, and few drawbacks: high capacity at 9 kg, a full number of wash programs, very good energy efficiency, and affordable price, especially that often happens to be in discount campaigns in electronics stores.

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