The worst TVs you can buy - Just some honest advice

When you’re looking to buy a TV, the last thing you need is a lousy TV.

When I say lousy TV, I mean TVs that have various mediocre or poor characteristics and unfortunately a lot of TVs are like this.


I’ll be talking about TVs in general, and I'll try not to bad-mouth about specific brands. I’ll just show you what kind of TVs to avoid buying.

Poor image quality TVs

Image quality is the most important feature when buying a TV.

All manufacturers like to brag that their products are of high quality, but the truth is not many have excellent image quality.


For example, you can find really cheap 4K TVs that have poor image quality.

They lure you în with high definition resolution and some image processing technologies but overall your experience with them won’t a pleasant one.
Without naming them, early series models suffer when it comes to image quality.

Many of them suffer from clouding or bleeding (image rendering defects that negatively affect contrast and image quality). On you can see how badly each TV is affected by these issues.


worst image tv

Look for TVs that have high marks for image quality on sites like, rtings, and others. On these sites, many TV models are tested based on objective terms so see good the image quality actually is.

To see the TV’s real contrast quality, panel and other essential details, go on and look up the model you want to buy. You’ll see the actual information about the TV’s screen.

Avoid buying TVs that are too cheap and seem to have a lot of advantages but the price is ridiculously small – the most significant discounts are made based on the screen’s quality.

Poor interface TVs

Although TVs that changed a lot, there are still models that have bad menus and user interfaces.

I tested myself specific Philips models that have sluggish menus and even menus that freeze up. This problem pops up on other models from various manufacturers.

What’s more interesting, not all Smart TVs are technological wonders. But i think you know that.

Some of them frequently disconnect from the Wi-Fi or freeze during certain apps.

According to many international sources, LG’s WebOS is one the fastest and most stable OS available on Smart TV. This is true for the Samsung OS as well.

Read the reviews and comments available on online shops carefully. If you aren’t so much into the Smart TV part, focus on image quality.

Low-quality TVs

All TVs can break down, regardless if we are talking about an OLED or a no-name.

However, less well-known manufacturers tend to have less quality TVs.

Again, from customer reviews you can if there were frequent cases in which the TV broke down several times.

However, you shouldn’t be frightened by bad reviews, there is no perfect product and no 100% satisfied customer.

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