How to Delete All Likes on Twitter at Once

Twitter allows the users to delete comments one by one and there is no option to bulk remove or delete all likes at one, which can be very time consuming and irritating. However, you can rely on some other efficient ways to delete all likes on twitter at once.

In this article, the most effective and easy method to delete favorites in bulk is mentioned. In fact, this method requires you to install an app known as Twitter Archive Eraser. You can easily download it from the link given below.


Instructions for “Twitter Archive Eraser” App

Following guide will help you to bulk delete your twitter likes;

  1. First of all download “Twitter Archive Eraser” App from the link given.
  2. It will give you warning after download, ignore the warning and click on “keep”.
  3. Open the application and install to delete likes on twitter all at once
  4. After installation, it will ask you to sign in your twitter account. Click on the sign in to delete likes on twitter all at once
  5. This will redirect you to browser, where you will enter your twitter account’s email and password. Click on “Authorize App” to delete likes on twitter in bulk
  6. This will generate a code on browser. Enter this code in the to delete likes on twitter all at once
  7. A screen will appear as shown below. It will ask you to choose any option. Here, click on Delete Favorites to delete likes on twitter all at once
  8. You can see your Twitter likes count on the top. Click on the start button to start fetching likes. After fetching likes, click on the next to delete likes on twitter all at once
  9. Now, you will see the fetched likes. You can unmark the  likes which you do not want to delete.
  10. Click on the “Erase Selected Tweets” on the bottom. It will ask for confirmation and after that the twitter likes will be deleted at once.


The above mentioned steps along with the relevant screenshots are enough for you to understand the method and implement it accordingly. However, if you still have any queries, you can ask in comment.

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