How to Enable Call Recording on EMUI 8

Huawei has always amazed it's users by introducing new smart phones with latest features. Huawei EMUI, which is formerly known as Emotion UI, is the user interface which Huawei uses in it's ll smart phones. EMUI 8 (Oreo) is the latest version of this interface. A lot of improvements have been observed in in the new version still it has not introduced call recording feature.

Call Recording is the most useful and controversial feature. There are many reasons that most of the smartphone companies do not provide this feature. The main reason is that it is illegal in some countries to record a call. However, Xiaomi provides call recording feature to it's users.


Despite on this, call recording feature becomes handy when someone is threatening you on call. So, you can use the recorded call for judiciary evidence. It does not matters for which purposes you use the call recording feature. Here you will learn how to enable call recording feature on EMUI 8 (Oreo).


Following requirements must be fulfilled before enabling call recording feature;

  • A rooted EMUI 8 device.
  • Complete Backup of your device.
  • No other call recording app should be present.

Enable Call Recording on EMUI 8

Following step wise guide will help you to enable call recording on EMUI;

  1. First download from this link.
  2. Extract HwCallRecorder folder from zip file and then connect your device to PC.
  3. Transfer the extracted folder to the internal storage of your connected device.
  4. Now, open a file explorer of your choice. The most recommended one is MiXplorer (Download MiXplorer from this link)
  5. After that, copy the HwCallRecorder folder to 'root/system/app' address.
  6. Set the permissions to folders and files accordingly. For this purpose, tap and hold the folder till it gets highlighted. Select  More and then tap on permissions from the menu.How to enable call recording in EMUI 8
  7. For folders set permission rwxr-xr-x and for files set permission rw-r-r and then tap on OK.How to enable call recording in EMUI 8
  8. Now, exit the root file explorer and restart your device. After restart, go to your Phone App (built in) and press the menu icon.
  9. Open settings from the menu and move to Automatic Record Calls  from there. Enable the automatic call record feature.How to enable call recording in EMUI 8
  10. Now open "Automatic recording settings" and then select All calls or Numbers from the list.
  11. Once you are gone through the above steps, call recorder will be enabled on your device.

Huawei P20 lite and P20 PRO

Huawei P20 lite and P20 PRO are those phones which have EMUI 8 (The latest Version of EMUI). Like other Huawei phones, they also do not have build-in feature of call recording. So in order to record calls in Huawei P20 lite and P20 PRO, you need a call recording app. The best call recording app for this purpose is Boldbeast call recorder.

Boldbeast Call Recorder

Boldbeast Call Recorder allows you to record calls automatically in PRO version. However, you can record calls manually in free version. It supports both external and internal storage. So, you will not have any issue regarding the storage of recorded calls. The user interface of Boldbeast call recorder is User-friendly. It supports almost all versions of Android and works well on popular phones like HTC one, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia etc. You can easily Download this app from Google Play Store with the help of link given below;

Boldbeast Call Recorder Free Download

How to Listen Recorded Calls

The above mentioned method will help you to record an incoming or outgoing call on your smart phone. These call records are stored in your phone. To access these phone calls you will have to go to the path mentioned below.


Phone app > Menu icon > Call Records


This is the most effective way to enable call recording on EMUI. I hope that you can understand this method as each step is mentioned in detail. Enjoy the call recording feature on your smart phone. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment box.


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