How to Download Scribd Documents for FREE

Scribd is a Digital Library subscription service that was launched in 2007 and contains more than 60 million documents and books. It is the most used platform to read and download e-books. Many people are in dire need to download Scribd documents for Free as they can’t pay for the document or file they are looking for. 

You can easily read and download documents and books of all varieties by paying monthly fees on Scribd. But the main problem here is that the majority of the people could not afford them and try to download them free. But in most of the cases they do not find the desired book on any other websites. So, they find different ways to download these books free of cost.

The most easy, reliable and effective way to download books and documents from Scribd is by using Scribd Downloader. Here, the main advantages and features of Scribd Downloader are mentioned along with the detailed methods to download books from it.

Scribd Downloader

The easiest way to download Scribd Documents or books is by simply going to a scribd downloading website. Paste the URL of the document or file from scribd you want to download for free. 

After that click on the “Download” button and voila, here you go. The Scribd file will automatically start downloading. 

It is by far the easiest and most straightforward way to download books and documents from Scribd without the need to registered for a Scribd account.

Features And Advantages of Scribd Downloader

Following are some main advantages and features of Scribd Downloader;

1. Safe and Free: Scribd Downloader is quite safe to read and download free scribd documents and books. Moreover, it is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface

2. Save Feature: Save features allows you to save books, so you can read them later

3. Night Reading: Night Reading enables a soft background, so you can read books without straining your eyes

4. Software: It will not require any software installation from you

5. Text: Text can be selected and copied in any document

6. Compatible: It is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android

Download Scribd Documents FREE 

So either you can use a Scribd documents downloader software or you can use the popular uploading method. Or you can also enjoy a 7 day trial of Scribd to read books or documents you need in case of any emergency.

The better option in this case would be to take advantage of Scribd books and Documents in these 7 days and after that cancel the subscription so you don’t have to pay.

Scribd Login

Before you can go ahead with the trick to download from scribd free, you need to sign up to Scribd and login to your account. Signing up for Scribd is pretty easy as for any website.

You can either create your account with any email address or you can also link your Facebook account with your Scribd account. 

After you have registered an account at Scribd, just go to this link “Scribd Login”

Enter your credentials and click on Sign In. Now you can view documents, read them and also download them by the following methods.

1. Scribd Documents by Uploading Method

Following guide will help you to download Scribd books by uploading method;

  1. Go to your browser and open scribd.com or simply click here
  2. Now search for the document or book which you want to download from Scribd and copy the URL from the address bar.

    How to download free books from Scribd Downloader
  3. Now Login to Scribd with Facebook, Google or your Email Address

    How to download free books from Scribd Downloader
  4. After login, you will be redirected automatically to the subscription page. Skip the subscription page and move back to your account
  5. Now create a new document, upload it and mention any title and description in it. Do not close the page

    How to download free books from Scribd Downloader
  6. After that, paste the URL that you copied from the address bar
  7. A window will appear which will ask the format for downloading. Select the suitable format and click on the download button
  8. Your desired document or book will start downloading and after a while it will be saved to your device

2. By Using Python Script

Python Script method will help you to download any document or book from Scribd by following a few simple steps. In fact, this method will provide you a trial period for 30 days;

  1. First of all create your account on Scribd. You can also sign up with the help of  your Facebook or Google account
  2. After that, claim your one month free subscription from Scribd
  3. It will ask you to add your card detail or your Paypal account
  4. Sign in there by selecting Paypal payment method
  5. Now, open the document or book you want to download and then download it for free

This method will work only for one month and after that you will have to pay for the books you want to download. So, you should try the first method.


So, these are the two best ways to download Scribd books and documents for free. However, we highly recommended purchasing these books, if you can afford to do so, in order to support the authors.

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