Samsung WF42H5000AW review

Samsung WF42H5000AW  Front-Load Washer with Smart Care Review

 With a lot of under-performing washing machines flooding the market getting a good quality machine can be a difficult task for you. If you are considering plunging in the market in search of the best machine to match the demands of the modern home, choosing a model you do not believe in will have severe effects on the cost, energy and even usage.

The Samsung WF42H5000AW washing machine is a one of a kind that offers you are plethora of benefits other than making your laundry time a breeze.

It has a 4.2 cubic feet (7Kg) capacity that helps you save time by fitting more clothes into each load. The physical dimensions are vital for a user who considers buying a new washer especially when space is a premium in your home. For the Samsung WF42H5000AW, the physical dimensions are: 38 x 27 x 33 inches (Height x Width x Depth).



This machine is attractive in its traditional look and is merely adaptable to a kitchen or bathroom space. The well-distributed control panel creates a beautiful washer that is easy on the eye as it is easy to work with. This is the washer with one of the most significant areas for the display which is located on the far right side of the machine.

There is a large ergonomic button located at the center of the machine with the wash cycles surrounding it which makes it quite easy for you to pick a cycle of your preference.

It has a compact door, while the buttons are large, comfortable and easy to read. The drum light is an excellent feature for individuals who always find themselves unloading laundry in the dark.

 Samsung WF42H5000AW review

The control panel is divided into 3 areas: the area with the programs, LED display that shows useful information while the washer is in use like the time remaining among other parameters and the the area with the dispenser trays (main wash, softener, bleach).

Programs and Features

Why Samsung WF42H5000AW?

There are eight wash cycles to select from including active wear, bedding, heavy duty and quick wash. Nine options, four temperature and spin settings and three soil settings. This machine has an energy star rating which guarantees use of less electrical energy without compromising washing power.

It offers you an opportunity to troubleshoot at the palm of your hands. With the smart care application that can be downloaded from your phone, you have the perfect opportunity to deal with the problem right from your phone. Smart care connects to your machine to help you sort the issue while offering quick solutions which saves you time and frustrations.

The self Clean + technology saves you the trouble of having to invest in harsh chemicals to keep the tab cleaning and hygienic. It keeps the water tub fresh by removing dirt without the use of chemicals which also saves you time. Even after you wash filthiest loads, you have a cleaner home and peace of mind. Self Clean+ also sends you reminders to clean the tub every forty wash cycles and even sanitizes the gasket helping you remove one more chores off your list.

The 4.2 cubic feet of space, this machine gives you the flexibility to get more laundry done within a shorter frame of time. The drums design uses a direct drive motor to pump a 1200 rpm speed with four different spin settings (High, medium, low and No spin) which gives this front loader the power to handle any laundry you put in.

Samsung’s VRT technology reduces the noise an incredibly low level. Its innovative tub design and sensors balance heavy loads quietly and with ease for better cleaning power. You could be running your washer upstairs while your guest watches a movie downstairs and it would be virtually unnoticeable.

There’s also the steam wash feature which releases steam from the bottom of the laundry tab leading to an even deeper clean without the need of pre-treatment and saturates every cloth in the load.

Efficiency, conclusion and price

Regarding effectiveness, the Samsung WF42H5000AW delivers when it comes to water efficiency and energy efficiency. The machine looks fancy and throws in some much needed good cleaning performance.

 Some reviews about this machine state that the front gasket that seals the door does not properly drain. A great deal of reviews have also noted with the concern the level of noise when it enters a spin cycle which only lasts for about ten minutes.

There is also the tendency of water collecting at the soap dispenser which makes it difficult to measure the next amount of detergent to be used in the next load.


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 The machine is on par with other washers in its price range. It is an inexpensive offer for a front loader and a stackable set. If you’re looking to upgrade to the front-loader market and you like Samsung products, the WF24H5000AW is the machine for you.


This is a great model for any homeowner that is working on a budget and wants a good front-load washing machine that gives them flexibility with their laundry by employing some of the latest features. It does have a couple of downsides like the noisy spin cycle but it does pack quite a punch on performance and deliverance which should be enough for most people to consider.

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