LG WM3270CW Front Loader Washer Review

If you are like me, many are the times you will procrastinate to do laundry till you have a massive pile of clothes to wash at the end of the day; A very tiring and annoying task to do but one that has to be done nonetheless.

LG WM3270CW Review

The satisfaction of switching from a top loader to a front loader depends on how well you know about trade-offs though, many people equate clean clothes to using a lot of water which is not the case with front loaders.


If front loaders are not given time to dry out, they usually have an odor. The LG WM3270CW offers a solution for this fear with the help of a water point and a magnetic stopper.

When these two solutions are combined and the powerful cleaning performance the LG WM3270CW is added in, this washing machine easily carries the day.

Get the space saving solution you need with the performance you expect with this 27-inch width, 38-inch height and 51-inch depth (686mm by 965mm by 1295mm).


lg wm3270cw review


The LG front loader machine is pretty standard in its specs.

Its sophisticated design is meant to enhance any home décor and it carries a 4.5 cubic feet (about 8Kgs) drum located in the middle of the pack. It is perfect for homes with plenty of laundry that needs to get done.


This machine comes in white color with a cutting-edge interface.

One knob located at the center of the machine makes it easy to choose your desired wash cycles. Turning the knob activates the LED light followed by a beeping sound (Dial-A-Cycle) to confirm your choice.

It is an easier method of choosing a cycle compared to matching it with the markings on the side.

The detergent drawer has three compartments: one for the main wash, one for prewash, and one for softener. The drawer is easily removable for cleaning by pressing the indicated point on the siphon in the softener department and pulling the drawer outwards.


Program and features

With nine wash cycles, this LG front loader has all the convenient features that will make doing laundry easier and fun.

This machine does not disappoint and comes with a powerful 1300 rpm motor speed.

It has the capacity to scrub out most types of stains ranging from oil to sweat from the nine wash cycles and to make them even more efficient, there are also five temperature settings that you can choose from.

One of its most distinctive features is the direct drive motor which offers fewer moving parts for decreased troubleshooting and a reduced number of factors that can go wrong and it is all backed up by a 10-year warranty.

The sanitary cycle heats water up to 158 degrees for ultimate sanitizing solution while removing stain and bacteria leaving your clothes not only clean but close to sterile.

This LG washing machine also uses the most advanced technology which allows you to manipulate the washing machine from your smartphone.

From your phone, you can download the LG application to download newly programmed wash cycles for use. Each period has plenty of space to wash with the 4.5 cubic feet drum.

The drum is highly durable since it is made of high quality materials that are made to last and it also prevents clothes from snagging.

This machine makes up for the loss of water by relying on mechanical action and rinsing your laundry with more water. This is well accomplished by the Water plus feature. This feature sets the machine apart from other front loaders since they do not use enough water

The magnetic stopper helps the LG door stay open and air out without being in the way. This solves the problem of front loaders tendency to get smelly which can be quite nagging and also a Petri dish for bacteria.

All wash cycles perform under LG’s  LoDecibel Quiet Operation. Special Fabric Care Features include Allergiene Cycle, Sanitary Cycle, and the Cold Wash Option to show your clothes some extra love.

This washer can have its matching dryer stacked on it for limited space installations.

Side-by-side installations go great with the units' matching storage pedestals, or also with LG's Twin Wash Pedestal Sidekick Washer which can simultaneously act as a 1.0 cu. ft. for smaller washes.

With the built-in pause button, you can pause your wash after it starts and add a piece of cloth that was left out.

The six motion technology lets you experience a smarter way to wash by combining up to six different wash motions providing a revolutionary cleaning experience and better cleaning.

Efficiency, conclusion and price

With innovations like SenseClean, sanitary cycle and LoDecibel motors, LG washer dryer combos are designed with your valuable space in mind. Get the latest in cutting-edge technology with the dependability you have to come to expect.

One of the major problems with this machine is that it takes longer to clean clothes.

The regular cycle clocks at 51 minutes while the heavy-duty lasted for an hour and a half making it a no-go zone for people with large families.

Water settles at the bottom of the rubber door seal and detergent drawer. You have to empty the drawer and wipe the seal and door which could add some minutes toy our laundry time. It can also be straining to empty the drum with wet laundry when you don’t have a stand.

This machine appears to have an excellent cost to size ratio. It is a good choice for people who would want to spend less while still getting the performance of a premium washer. If saving space, water and proper modern options are top on your priority list of a machine; then this machine is a valid choice

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