Waze for truck drivers?

In the article below we'll discuss the possibility of using the well-known Waze software when you're a truck driver.

Is it possible or not?


Why use Waze?

Waze is a FREE mobile smartphone app that provides step-by-step GPS navigation with real-time traffic data, road alerts (radar, police, accidents, traffic jams), closed roads and more.

Waze collects traffic data from all traffic users.

By simply keeping the Waze app open on your phone, Waze collects traffic data (speed/times needed to make turns) and uses them to detect traffic jams and to include them in an archive so Waze will always know, depending on the hour and day of the week, what are the fastest segments and turns.


So, the route that Waze gives you is based both on the traffic conditions at that particular time, provided by the other Waze users who are in traffic and the traffic history of the time and the day, so that the route provided is always the best.

Unlike other navigators offering real-time traffic through the TMC system, Waze offers much better routes.

The more Waze users, the better the routes become.


Waze alerts you in real-time about the dangers and other situations on the route.

It became popular especially because of the police signalling option in traffic.

Waze Alerts:

  1. Traffic (moderate, intense, blocked)
  2. Police (visible, hidden)
  3. Accident (minor, major)
  4. Dangers on the road (object on the road, road in work, pothole, vehicle stopped on the road, Animal Corpse)
  5. Hazards on the verge (vehicle off, animals, missing indicators)
  6. Weather (fog, hail, rain, snow)

In addition, radars/ speeding cameras, map problems, fuel prices in gas stations (petrol, diesel, Diesel + and LPG) and closed roads can be reported.

There is the possibility of chatting on the map (conversations on the public map where anyone can comment). Each report can have an attached image and comments from the users.

Waze for truck drivers – is it available?

Unfortunately, at this time, Waze does not have a specific way of routing for trucks.

Although there are various discussions on the software forum, the manufacturer has not yet implemented this important option.

For now, Waze can only create routes for the usual types of cars and not for heavy vehicles.

Waze users who actively participate in the editing and updating of maps say that although there is the possibility of adding weight restrictions, width, etc. on the map, they are not quite well adjusted yet.

It all depends on how the manufacturer will find a solution for users to quickly set up the map with certain truck restrictions.

Normally, the GPS truck software uses a few restrictions – tonnage, length, height and width.

They help the software algorithm to choose only those roads that can be circulated with these dimensions.

Of course, you can enter additional restrictions – road restrictions in certain cities, restrictions depending on the type of cargo etc.

However, when we talk trucks, there are other important aspects to consider.

Taking into account the popularity of Waze, a poorly implemented truck mode that would cause accidents or block trucks on certain roads due to errors could lead to lawsuits against the company.

There are countless situations where Waze generates erroneous routes for small cars, and there are numerous reports of faulty mode in which the Waze algorithm decides to follow certain roads that are not ideal.

Compared to Google Maps, the Waze routing algorithm is inferior.

For a truck mode on Waze, this algorithm should function at flawlessly.

How can we still use Waze when driving a truck?

The simplest method would be to use Waze and another GPS dedicated truck software like Sygic, Copilor or iGO Truck.

We start Waze on the phone and minimize it-we let it run only in the background for the alerts we need (police, blockages, dangers).

At the same time, we also open the truck software that will take us to the generated route according to the truck restrictions.

Of course, this solution has minuses as well.

It will deplete the phone battery excessively and we need a high-performance phone, memory-wise to run these 2 softwares simultaneously.

But it is the only solution at this time to be able to use Waze in truck mode.

Any other suggestion?

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