Ultimate List of ADB & Fastboot Commands

Want to know which ADB and Fastboot Commands you can try for rooting your android devices on PC.

If you are an Android Mobile Phone user then you must have probably heard about ADB Fastboot commands. If these terms seems unfamiliar to you, we would like to tell you that ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge mostly used by Android Developers. It is actually a versatile command line tool which helps you to communicate with your Android device. You can invoke your client from command line by entering an ADB command. Here, today we will be posting some of the most common and useful ADB commands and Fastboot commands for you to initiate a particular task.


ADB (Android Device Bridge) commands help you control android system parts you can not control normally. This is the reason these are mostly used by Android Developers only. These commands are usually helpful in flashing or rooting your android device and might assist the process for you. You can use ADB Commands while flashing custom recovery tools like TWRP, Philz and CWM recovery.
Not only that, these commands also help in unlocking boot loader for your device within seconds and also help in case your device is bricked or stuck in boot loop. You can also flash stock firmware on your android device too. Below in this post, we are going to list all these commands with their respective detailed function so you get to know when and why to use each command.
Install ADB/Fastboot Drivers –
The first and most important thing is that you need to install ADB and Fastboot command drivers on your Windows PC or Laptop. You won't be able to make them work without the drivers. So download the drivers from the link below for your Windows, Mac or Linux OS. After you have done with installation, you need to enable USB debugging.
Enable USB Debugging
To enable USB debugging you need to
Go to Settings > About Phone > Tap 5 - 7 times on Build Number. It would show you the version of your android device and instantly your android device would enter the Developer mode.
After that go back to Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB debugging from the menu you will see on your mobile screen.
List of Some Useful ADB & Fastboot Commands
The library of ADB and Fastboot commands is huge. We are going to list the basic and most common yet useful ADB and Fastboot commands here only. If you want to see the complete list, simply type in the wrong ADB command and it will list all commands with their function in the command prompt.
Let's start to learn some of these ADB fastboot commands now if you are a power android user.
Basic ADB Commands
adb devices
This is just a very basic ADB command and as the command name implies,  it is used to check the devices connected to your computer over ADB. You might be using this command too often while dealing with ADB and Fastboot commands.

The reason you might need this command too often is that you want to make sure that the devices you want to root or flash or do any task is actually connected to your PC or laptop. When you hit enter, you will see the list of connected android devices to your PC with their ID as shown in the screenshot above.
adb reboot
After you confirm and make sure that the device you want to work on is actually connected with the computer, you might want to reboot your device maybe to enter in Root menu or want something else. Simply type in the command and it will restart your phone or android device normally.

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