5 Quietest Air Rifles to Buy in 2019 for Backyard Use

Common Rifles which are most accurate or most powerful tend to be louder. So at times you might be looking for a quiet or silent air rifle for a lot of different reasons. You might invite your neighborhood dog to bark restlessly if you fire. Also its not a good idea to annoy your neighbors with conventional air rifles. Others are only interested in quiet guns just for their liking even if they live in an open space or a rural area. So if you are living in an urban environment, i would suggest you to look for the quietest Air Rifle available in the market. We are going to list here the most quiet air rifles available to buy. Our Top choice and the best firearm for quietest air rifle is our all time winner and No.1 Best Selling Quiet Pellet Gun is Gamo Air Rifle.

Quietest Air Rifles to Buy – 2019

For most of the people interested in buying a pellet gun, it is mostly used for recreational purposes. So we assume that you will be looking for a nice looking air rifle with mix of accuracy of shooting and noise damping quality both at the same time. So lets have a look and find out which Quietest air rifles in the list below appeals you to buy it.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle
Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

The 1,200 FPS Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle is a popular choice of hunters and people interested in silent shooting. This FPS range is at the absolute maximum, if it exceeds that you are surely gonna hear a POP sound we usually hear from these type of pellet guns. It features a built in noise dampener which can reduce the noise volume for more than 50%. It is indeed one of the finest built and considered the quietest air rifle in the market.

Not only this it comes with 0.177 caliber which is perfect for target practice and backyard plinking which would not disturb your neighbors. Gamo Air Rifle ensures complete safety which helps to prevent accidental misfires. The best thing i love about Gamo Air rifle is its accuracy to shoot the target accurately even at 20 yards which is darn impressive for a rifle like this.

This Gamo Air rifle is also useful for small hunting purposes also. I bet it won’t disappoint you. So what are you waiting for. Buy this Gamo Silent Cat Rifle now from Amazon.


  • The 1200 FPS for pellet and 1000 FPS for BB’s not only make this air rifle quiet but also perfect for small hunting
  • The scope of the rifle which is 4*32 helps you get your shots at your target with no chance of missing it.
  • This is a durable and long lasting, high performance air rifle applicable for all weather conditions.


  • Some of the customers would love to buy but would hate the noise dampening feature. But as its built in, it can not be removed.
  • The trigger is safety proof for accidental fires, but at times it could be difficult to pull as it is not adjustable.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle

Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle
Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle

Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle is another great pellet gun for quiet shooting. The FPS velocity of this Gamo Whisper Rifle is around 1300 which is a little above the silent threshold of firing but it does shoots its target with ease and accuracy. This model of Gamo air rifle uses inert gas to fire the pellet which is an added advantage of high accuracy and precision of shooting so you never miss your shot with a quiet gun.



  • Use of inert gas along with double noise reduction system for an ultra silent shooting experience.
  • Comes with two-stage trigger and shoots with 0.177 caliber for maximum control on your shots
  • The 3-9*40 magnification rifle scope helps in easily tracking and lining up of targets you might be trying for.


  • You might experience legal issues as its not allowed to be used in neighborhoods. It is more like designed for precision shooting.
  • Trigger can at times be problematic to fire at times even being adjustable.

Gamo Varmint Stalker Air Rifle

Here comes another Gamo Pellet gun. Gamo is famous for its unbeatable quality air rifles in the market and this is the reason they are so popular. The fluted steel barrel is there for a reason. It would help it safe from rust and corrosion while giving you the most popular and accurate and killing shots. With 1200 FPS velocity and impressive noise reduction system. Now enjoying your gun shooting is no longer a dream in your backyard without disturbing your neighbors.


  • This is all weather air gun with long lasting durability and performance with added advantage of fluted barrel.
  • The magnification scope of 4*32 helps you line your shots with accuracy and precision with fun.


  • Again, this could be a nice pneumatic rifle but might not be legal to be used in your neighborhood.
  • The included rifle scope might not be accurate enough to target smaller pests and varmints.

So our No.1 Best Selling and Highly Popular among all of these quiet air rifles is Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle which has been safest and legal to use and is a perfect companion for enjoying your time with your gun.

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