Viper4Android APK and Install Viper4Android [No Root]

When it comes to quality of sound, most people adjust their mobile sound settings. However, there are apps available which are able to improve the sound quality of your mobile device.

ViPER4Android is one of those apps which serves users by enhancing the quality of sound output via mobile device.

It is a sound equalizer which allows you to change the sound functions of your Android device more effectively.

Moreover, it is one of the most popular sound equalizers around. It’s amazing features and great reviews attract a large number of users.

The installation process of ViPER4Android is very easy but it requires a rooted device.

Due to which people look for an alternative way to download and install ViPER4Android without root. You need a rooted device to install it.

However, you can run it without root. Here, the most easy and effective method to install ViPER4Android is discussed with a related screenshot.

However, you need to learn about the features of Viper4Android before downloading it.

Features of the ViPER4Android App

  • You can optimize the strength of sound by amplifying it
  • Allows you to try different bass modes for excellent bass experience
  • It does not affect the audio hardware system. So, it is safe to use
  • Use headphones for the best sound experience

Requirements to Install ViPER4Android FX

The given two basic requirement must be fulfilled in order to install Viper4Android FX

  • You must have a rooted android device
  • Your device must have enough space to install Viper4Android

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Install ViPER4Android without Root


  1. First of all, Download Busybox on your android device from the link given
  2. After downloading install Busybox. It will ask permission for root, simply grant the permission. Busybox will be installed on your device
  3. Now, Download ViPER4Android from the link given and then install it
  4. After installation, open this app. A dialog box will appear and ask you to update V4A driver. Click on “Yes” as shown in the screenshot belowHow to Install ViPER4Android Without Root
  5. This app will also ask root permission. Again grant permission to itHow to Install ViPER4Android Without Root
  6. After a while, it will ask you to reboot your android deviceHow to Install ViPER4Android Without Root
  7. After rebooting your app will be installed and ready for use


This is the most simple way to install Viper4Android without rooting the device.

You can apply this method in a very short time without any difficulty. Enjoy the outclass sound and music on your android device.

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